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Active ingredients





WSSA mode of action

Sodium channel modulators




Ant, CarpenterAnt, Imported FireArmywormBeeBudwormMidge, Douglas-fir NeedleFungus GnatBorerScale, Brown SoftThrips, CitrusCutwormBorer, DogwoodMite, European RedWebworm, FallBeetle, JapaneseLace BugBorer, Ash/LilacMealybugMoth, Nantucket Pine TipPlant Bug /Leaf BugMite, Pecan Leaf ScorchPlant Bug, LygusSowbug/PillbugSpiderSpringtailStink BugThripsBorer, TwigAphidBagwormWeevil, Black VineSpider, Black WidowMite, BroadBorer, Bronze BirchCentipedeChiggerChinch BugMite, CloverCockroachCrane Fly /LeatherjacketCricketWasp, DiggerEarwigBeetle, Elm LeafCrane Fly, EuropeanFlea BeetleFleaFlyGrasshopperLeafminerLeafrollerBorer, Lesser PeachtreeMillipedeMiteCricket, MoleMosquitoMothBeetle, Mountain PineWeevil, OrchidPillbugSawfly, PineMoth, Shoot/TipPsyllidScale, CrawlersScorpionSpider MiteSpittlebugCaterpillar, TentTickTreehopperWeevilBeetle, Western PineWhiteflyMoth, Zimmerman PineBeetle, PineCicadaBillbugWeevil, Annual BluegrassBorer, Flatheaded AppletreeBeetle, AmbrosiaHornetBeetle, Elm BarkTick, American DogBorer, Banded Ash ClearwingPine EngraverSharpshooter, Glassy WingedBeetle, Southern PineBeetle, Black TurpentineBorer, OakArmyworm, BeetWaspAntLeafhopperCaterpillar, Gypsy MothRocky Mountain Spotted Fever VectorsWeevil, BluegrassFlea Beetle, DichondraWebworm, SodBorer, Emerald AshTick, DeerCaterpillar, Leaf FeedingDiaprepesBorer, ClearwingBees, BumbleBees, DiggerBees, LeafcuttingWasps, ThreadwaistedBees, Sweat


Flowering PlantsFoliage PlantsOrnamental PlantsShrubs, OrnamentalTree TrunksTrees, OrnamentalWoody OrnamentalsNut Tree, Non-bearingFruit, Non-bearingLawns/Turf, ResidentialAthletic FieldsLawns/Turf, RecreationalLawns /TurfLawns/Turf, Institutional GroundsParksLawns, Multi-family DwellingsApartments, CondominiumsBuildingsCarportsEaves, UnderFoundationsGaragesPorches/Patios/DeckingResidential AreasStorage AreasSurfaces, OutsideBarnsRefuse AreasShedBuilding ExteriorsWindow framesDuplexTownhouseHouse trailerPrivate homesApartment complexesFence Lines

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
Not Applicable
Personal Protection
All pesticide handlers (mixers, loaders and applicators) must wear long- sleeved coveralls worn over a minimum of short-sleeved shirt and short pants, socks, chemical-resistant footwear, chemical-resistant gloves and protective eyewear.
Restricted Entry Interval
Not Applicable


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Should not be exposed to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • Cinch Bug (various states)
  • Crane fly (various states)
  • Dendroctonus Bark Beetle in Trees Grown for Non-Commercial Purposes (SD)