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Yellow Nutsedge

Other names: Yellow nutgrass
Life cycle: Perennial
Found in: Cropland, nurseries, turfgrass and landscapes throughout the U.S.
General description: Plant springs from rhizomes and tubers with three-sided stems and yellow-green leaves. It can grow 2½ feet high.
Seedlings: Are rare since the plant spreads from rhizomes and tubers. Leaves lack ligules or auricles and have a ridge along the midvein.
True leaves: Yellow-green and shiny with a noticeable ridge along the midvein. Occur in groups of three from the base of the plant, are hairless and taper to a sharp point. No auricles or ligules.
Flowers and fruit: Spikelets are yellow or brown and occur at the ends of stems in a cluster.

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