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Other names: Indian mallow, piemarker, butterprint, buttonweed
Life cycle: Summer annual
Found in: Cropland throughout the U.S.
General description: Erect hairy plant with heart-shaped leaves that smell bad when crushed. Can reach 7 feet tall.
Seedlings: Cotyledons and hypocotyls are covered with short soft hairs. One cotyledon is heart-shaped and the other is round.
True leaves: Alternate, wide, heart-shaped, densely hairy and pointed with toothed margins. Two inches to 6" long and emit a foul smell when crushed.
Flowers and fruit: Flowers are orange-yellow, about 1" across, solitary and bloom on short stalks that spring from the area between the stems and leaf petioles. Fruit is a hairy, brown, heart-shaped capsule.

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