Other names: Couchgrass, dog grass, twitch, quickgrass, quitch, scutch
Life cycle: Perennial
Found in: Cropland, turfgrass, lawns, nurseries and landscapes in the northern U.S. from North Carolina to California.
General description: A grass weed from rhizomes that can grow 3½ feet tall.
Seedlings: First leaf is long and wide and leaves are rolled in the bud. Ligules are membranous and very short. Seedlings have auricles but they are usually difficult to see.
True leaves: Rolled in the bud and up to 12" long. Upper surfaces might have hairs but lower surfaces are hairless. Ligules are membranous and auricles are narrow and clasp the sheath.
Flowers and fruit: Seedhead is a long narrow spike with spikelets arranged in two rows along the stem. Spikes are 2" to 8" long.

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