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Pigweed, Palmer

Other names: Palmer amaranth; carelessweed
Life cycle: Summer annual
Found in: Throughout the southern U.S.
General description: Erect plant, with panicles of small green flowers that can grow up to 6½ feet high.
Seedlings: Cotyledons are narrow and green to reddish in color. Hypocotyls are usually hairless and red.
True leaves: Alternate, hairless, lance- or egg-shaped and 2" to 8" long with white veins on the underside.
Flowers and fruit: Flowers are small green and spiked and occur in compact clusters along a panicle that is 6" to 18" long. Fruit is a single-seeded bladder that is small, wrinkles when dry and splits open in the middle.

Special note: Exhibits glyphosate resistance.

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