Other names: Prostrate summer-cypress, forage kochia
Life cycle: Summer annual
Found in: Cropland, pastures and roadsides, primarily in the northern, western and southwestern U.S., but is starting to spread to the South.
General description: A many-branched erect plant with clustered green flowers and reddish stems that grows up to 4 feet high.
Seedlings: Cotyledons are very narrow, dull green and covered with hairs. Initial leaves are similar in appearance.
True leaves: Alternate, linear or lanceolate, tapered and 1" to 2" long. They have hairs only on the edges.
Flowers and fruit: Flowers are green, small and clustered at the ends of stems and between leaf bases and stems. They are prickly in appearance. Fruit is a small bladder known as a utricle.

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