Hairy Crabgrass

Other names: Large crabgrass, northern crabgrass, purple crabgrass
Life cycle: Summer annual
Found in: Most of the U.S., from the Canadian border south to Virginia, Kentucky and Texas and west to California.
General description: Prostrate, spreading grass with dense hairs on the leaf blades.
Seedlings: Sheaths and blades are densely hairy and hairs are at a 90° angle from the surface.
Seedlings are upright, leaves are rolled in the bud and the first leaf is lanceolate.
True leaves: Blades grow up to 8" long, with hairs on both surfaces. Sheaths are also hairy. Ligules are large and membranous with uneven teeth on the margin. Leaves and sheaths turn dark red with age.
Flowers and fruit: Seedhead is composed of four to six spikes at the tops of stems, each up to
7" long. Spikelets are elliptical and form two rows along the spike.

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