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Field Pennycress

Other names: Frenchweed, fanweed, pennycress, stinkweed
Life cycle: Winter annual
Found in: Small grains, nurseries and horticultural crops across the U.S.
General description: Plant with stems that spring out of a rosette of leaves. Resembles some
pepperweeds when mature.
Seedlings: Cotyledons are oval or oblong on long petioles and bluish green.
True leaves: Young leaves are smooth and round or oval, with a distinct white midvein and arranged in a basal rosette, but these leaves will not persist until maturity. Leaves along the flowering stem are more lanceolate and have toothed margins. Some have pointed lobes that clasp the stem at the leaf base.
Flowers and fruit: Flowers are tiny, white, four-petaled and occur in clusters at the end of a bottle-brush stem. Fruits are round, small, flat and winged and might contain up to 16 seeds.

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