Other names: Common dandelion, blowball, faceclock
Life cycle: Perennial
Found in: Turfgrass and lawns, but also in cropland, orchards, nurseries and landscapes.
General description: Common taproot plant with leaves in a basal rosette and bright yellow flowers that bloom on leafless stalks.
Seedlings: Cotyledons are light-green, ovate and have smooth margins.
True leaves: Young leaves form in a basal rosette, and as they mature become noticeably wavy and oblong. Mature leaves are sometimes hairy and have deep lobes that point back toward the rosette.
Flowers and fruit: Flowers are large and bright yellow, about 1" to 2" in diameter. They bloom on leafless, hollow stalks. Fruit is a seedhead that resembles a white feathery puffball.

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