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Cutleaf Evening Primrose

Life cycle: Biennial or winter annual
Found in: Cropland, landscapes, turf and nurseries throughout the southern and eastern U.S.
General description: Prostrate or erect plant with deeply toothed lanceolate leaves and showy red or yellow flowers.
Seedlings: Egg-shaped or triangular cotyledons that initially develop as a basal rosette.
True leaves: Young leaves are initially smooth but later have toothed margins, with a hairy upper surface and smooth lower surface. Mature leaves are lanceolate and narrow with deeply toothed margins and may be hairless. Leaves have a white midvein.
Flowers and fruit: Flowers are red or yellow and occur at the end of a tube instead of a stem. Fruit is a curved capsule, about ¾" to 1½" long.

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