Other names: Cressleaf groundsel, yellowtop, ragwort
Life cycle: Winter annual
Found in: Wet areas, either in sun or partial sun, in the East, South and Midwest.
General description: Flowering plant grows
1 foot to 3 feet tall and is unbranched, except for short stems with yellow flowers on the upper part of the plant. Stem is hollow, light green or red-green, and grooved.
Seedlings: Purple basal rosette with rounded leaves that first appears in fall.
True leaves: Alternate and deep-lobed, up to 10" long and 2½" across, with coarsely serrated edges.
Flowers and fruit: Produces clusters of yellow ray and disk flowers. Each bloom is about ½" across, and clusters are 1" to 5" across. Blooms from midspring to early summer.

Special note: Butterweed produces alkaloids that can be toxic to livestock when ingested.

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