Other names: Wire grass, couchgrass, dogtooth grass, devilgrass
Life cycle: Perennial
Found in: Cropland, landscapes, nurseries and turfgrass throughout the southern U.S., as far north as New Jersey.
General description: Plant that is capable of forming a turf or mat of fine leaves and can be very troublesome as a weed.
Seedlings: Leaves are rolled in the bud, with smooth blades, and the ligule is a row of tiny hairs.
True leaves: Opposite, rolled in the bud, without auricles and 2" to 7" long. The ligule is a fringe of hairs, and hairs also occur at the leaf margins near the collar.
Flowers and fruit: Flowers are three to seven fingerlike spikes originating from a single point. Each spike is 1" to 3" long and flattened. Spikelets are arranged in two rows per spike and each produces a single seed.

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