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Two-spotted spider mite


  • Adult: Mite that is tiny and oval in shape. Ranges in color from orange-red to green to translucent. Body contents are often visible through the body wall, looking like two dark spots.
  • Nymphs: Similar to adults but with four legs instead of eight.
  • Eggs: Round, clear and attached to fine silk webbing on the undersides of leaves.

Timing of damage: V2 to R7

Type of damage: Leaves appear sand-blasted or bronzed, and some may die.

Scouting: Examine five areas of a field for leaf discoloration and mites. Shake suspect leaves over a piece of paper and watch for moving dots, or use a hand lens to check the undersides of leaves.

Economic threshold: When mites are present and leaf damage is apparent, and hot, dry weather 
is expected.

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