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Southern corn billbug grub


  • Adult: Weevil that is gray or brownish in color, about ½" long and usually covered in dirt. It can be found attached to lower leaves, upside down, near the ground.
  • Larvae: Cream-colored grub with a reddish-brown head. Can grow to ½" long.
  • Eggs: Kidney-shaped, cream-colored and are about 1⁄8" long. 

Timing of damage: VE to V8

Type of damage: Holes in leaves, stunting, twisting or plant death. Billbugs feed on the stem tissue.

Scouting: In high-risk areas, check seedlings weekly until the V8 stage for insect damage or poor stands. If damage is observed, check plants for signs of feeding or presence of billbugs.

Economic threshold: 5% seedling loss in infested areas with a full plant stand.

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