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Hop vine borer moth


  • Adult: Tan or brown moth.
  • Larvae: Caterpillar up to 2" long that is white with violet bands and a reddish-brown head.
  • Eggs: Laid on grass stems in or near the corn field. 

Timing of damage: VE to V3

Type of damage: Stem feeding: larvae tunnel up from underneath and hollow out the base of the stalk. Plants exhibit wilting, stunted growth or yellowing and can die.

Scouting: Dig up damaged corn seedlings along with a 3" to 4" cube of soil. Check the stalk for entry holes just below the surface, then split the stalk and sift through the soil for larvae.

Economic threshold: None established; insecticides are ineffective once the larvae has 
burrowed into the plant. Crop rotation and elimination of grasses that serve as egg-laying sites are the best way to prevent this pest.

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