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  • Adult: Yellowish brown or gray with wings and unique chevronlike black marks on the back legs. Can grow to 1¾" long.
  • Nymphs: Resemble the adults but lack wings.
  • Eggs: Brown to orange, elongated and found glued together in masses about 1" to 2" below the surface in uncultivated soil.

Timing of damage: V8 to R6

Type of damage: Leaves will be chewed away from the outer edges inward. Fresh silks will also be eaten.

Scouting: Estimate the level of damage and number of grasshoppers per square yard in five locations. Damage is typically greatest along field borders, but move beyond borders when scouting.

Economic threshold: In field borders, eight or more grasshoppers or 15 or more nymphs per square yard; within the field, three or more grasshoppers per square yard.

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