European corn borer 3 larvae 2 MER copy.jpg

European corn borer moth


  • Adult: Moth with alternating wavy yellow and brown lines across each wing.
  • Larvae: Beige with black heads and two brown spots on each abdominal segment.
  • Eggs: The size of a pinhead, white and are laid in clusters of up to 60. 

Timing of damage: First generation: V6 to VT. Second generation: V12 to R6. Third generation: R2 to R6.

Type of damage: First generation: Leaf feeding and tunneling into the stalk. Second and third generations: Leaf feeding and tunneling into stalks, tassels, ears and ear shanks.

Scouting: Inspect five sets of 20 plants. First generation: Look for fresh whorl feeding. Second and third generations: Count eggs and larvae in the ear zone.

Economic threshold: First generation: Decide whether yield loss might occur before treating. Second and third generations: Treat when eggs are hatching or about to hatch.

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