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Chinch bug


  • Adult: Bug with a black body, brown to dull yellow legs and white wings that have a black triangle in the middle of the outer edge. Smells bad when crushed.
  • Nymphs: Tiny red to black creatures with a white to yellow band across the body. Body color will darken with age but the band remains the same.
  • Eggs: Tiny elongated capsule with four short, nipplelike projections on the cap.

Timing of damage: All season long (bugs move from small grains to corn)

Type of damage: First lower leaves; later, the entire plant wilts and turns white.

Scouting: Look for chinch bugs in small grain fields near corn fields as they mature. If the bugs are found, watch for migration. Pay close attention to the borders of corn fields adjacent to small grain fields.

Economic threshold: There is no specific threshold. Treat when migration and/or damage occurs.

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