Bird-cherry oat aphid


  • Adult: Olive green or dark green in color, round, soft-bodied and have a rust-colored spot on the posterior end. Appear in clusters in the leaves and upper cornstalk and secrete a sticky sugary substance called honeydew.
  • Nymphs: Resemble the adults, but smaller.
  • Eggs: Females do not lay eggs but give birth to live young.

Timing of damage: V6 to R1

Type of damage: Wilted, curled and yellowed leaves. Tassels and silks may be covered with honeydew, which can affect pollination.

Scouting: Examine the whorls of 20 plants in five locations (for a total of 100 plants). Note the number of aphids per plant.

Economic threshold: Treat if 50% of plants have more than 100 aphids per plant and the plants are under stress.

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