Banks grass mite nymph


  • Adult: Orange-colored spider mites that become green after feeding and have two dark spots that show through the transparent body.
  • Nymphs: Light to dark green with six to eight legs.
  • Eggs: White, round and laid in webbing on the underside of leaves.

Timing of damage: V3 to R3

Type of damage: Yellowing or spotting of leaf tissue. Severe cases can lead to leaf death.

Scouting: Examine leaves of at least 10 plants in different locations of the field. Check for mite
presence and record the number of infested leaves and the number of green leaves per plant.

Economic threshold: Mites attack plants from the bottom up; treat when there is visible damage in the bottom third of the plant and mites are present in the middle third of the plant before hard dough stage.

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