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    SnapshotID: 64244

    Active ingredients

    Fomesafen Sodium Salt




    WSSA mode of action

    14Inhibition of protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO)




    PigweedMexicanweedCroton, TropicAnoda, SpurredBalloonvineBindweed, Field/EuropeanMorninggloryStarbur, BristlyBursage, WoollyleafCarpetweedGoosegrassPigweed, SmoothGalinsogaCocklebur, Common/HeartleafCopperleaf, VirginiaCopperleaf, HophornbeamCrotalaria, ShowyEcliptaFoxtail, GiantFoxtail, GreenNutsedge, YellowRedweedGroundcherry, CutleafHorsenettle /Carolina Horsenettle/Apple-of-SodomJimsonweedLambsquarters, CommonMallow, VeniceMilkweed, ClimbingMilkweed, HoneyvineMorningglory, CypressvineMorningglory, Ivyleaf/Entireleaf/Hairy/CommonMorningglory, Palmleaf/WillowleafMoonflower, PurpleMorningglory, Red/ScarletMorningglory, Pitted/Small WhiteMorningglory, SmallflowerMorningglory, Tall/CommonMustard, WildNightshade, Eastern BlackNightshade, HairyNightshade, BlackSignalgrass, BroadleafPanicum, TexasFoxtail, YellowAmaranth, PalmerPigweed, RedrootWaterhemp, TallPoinsettia, WildPurslane, CommonPanicum, FallRagweed, Common/ShortSesbania, HempSicklepodSmartweed, PennsylvaniaSmellmelonSpurge, SpottedSunflower, Common/WildLadysthumbSida, Prickly/SpinyTrumpetcreeperVelvetleafBarnyardgrass/WatergrassBindweed, HedgeMorningglory, EntireleafRocket, YellowRagweed, GiantWaterhemp, CommonCucumber, VolunteerWitchweedCrabgrassJohnsongrass, SeedlingPigweed, PalmerRagweed, CommonSpurge, ProstrateMorningglory, PurplePigweed, spinyCitron (Wild Watermelon)Morningglory, smallflowerPurslane, Florida


    Bean, SnapBean, Dry (All Types)CottonSoybeanPotatoes
    Product safety


    Early entry
    Coveralls over short-sleeved shirt and short pants, chemical-resistant footwear plus socks and chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material.
    Personal Protection
    All mixers, loaders, applicators and other handlers must wear: Protective eyewear (goggles, face shield, safety glasses), long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes, socks and chemical resistant gloves (barrier laminate, nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, viton, selection Category E). In addition for aerial applications, mixers and loaders handling more than 150 gallons of this product in any single workday must wear: Dust/mist filtering NIOSH-approved respirator with any N, R, P or HE filter.
    Restricted Entry Interval
    24 hours


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

    Should not be stored in a damp place

    Should not be stored in a warm place

    May be frozen