8 Ways to Match Hybrids to Management Zones Based on Water Supply

Variable-input technology (VIT) is exciting because it allows you to apply exactly the right kind and amount of inputs on every zone of ...

5 hrs ago

Syngenta Launches Corn Insecticide

After gaining Environmental Protection Agency registration, Syngenta Force 6.5G will be available for the 2019 growing season.

2 weeks ago

Prepare for the Onslaught of Japanese Beetles

That whirring noise you might be hearing isn’t a plane in the distance, instead it’s the approach of one hungry pest: The Japanese beetl...

2 months ago

Pollinator Week Has The Industry Buzzing With Excitement

Ag is taking action to combat declining pollinator populations. This week, industry, researchers and government join together to celebra...

3 months ago

Late Planting Could Increase Corn’s Susceptibility to Black Cutworm

Corn has enough challenges this season thanks to delayed planting—don’t let black cutworms (BCW) steal more yield.

5 months ago

EPA Approves Liquid Insecticide Targeting Resistant Corn Rootworms

FMC Steward EC insecticide has gained EPA registration for use in field corn.

7 months ago

AMVAC Gains Exclusive Marketing Rights to ReTurn XL

AMVAC Chemical Corporation entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Rotam North America for ReTurn XL 42% insecticide/nematicide....

7 months ago

Stop These 5 Early Season Pests

They fly, crawl and jump through fields, stealing precious bushels with every bite. Catch these thieving criminals before they lower your...

7 months ago
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