Toledo OKs Lake Erie Bill of Rights

Citizens of Toledo, Ohio, value Lake Erie, and in a recent special election more than 60% voted to provide extra protections for the bod...

2 days ago

Feed Crops Day by Day

It’s possible to apply exactly the right rate of seed, fertilizer, water (if you irrigate) and pesticides, and plant the best hybrid or ...

2 weeks ago

Fertilizer Institute Introduces New Market Intelligence Tool

Key fertilizer industry market indicators are now available in a portal on The Fertilizer Institute's (TFI) website.

3 weeks ago

Verdesian Says Avail T5 Unlocks Soil Phosphorus for Plant Use

While soil might have acceptable—or even high levels—of phosphorus it’s not always in a form plants can use.

4 weeks ago

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late Nitrogen Use Outcomes

Corn growers know the importance of the 4Rs --the right rate, right source, right placement and right timing— for stewarding fertilizer a...

A month ago

Have You Been Applying Fertilizer Wrong?

Littered across the right-hand window of his tractor, Matt Foes scribbles notes during the hours he spends in the seat. His goal? Find a...

2 months ago

Today's Biologicals on the Market

Biologicals can be broken into two general categories: biopesticides and biostimulants. 

2 months ago

5 Tips for Better Phosphorus Application

Phosphorus (P) is an important macronutrient for field corn.

3 months ago
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