Old Sparky: Could Electricity Be Farming’s New Weed Killer?

One touch from old sparky and the current brings down the curtain—death by electricity. Could electricides serve farmers as a weed kille...

43 minutes ago

I-States Suffer More than 60% Loss of Income

Farm incomes have been on a steady decline since their peak in 2013. Just how much incomes are depressed varies, sometimes greatly, by s...

2 hrs ago

Syngenta Expands Genomic Research With Collaboration

Technology has vastly increased the choices when it comes to molecular breeding for crop traits. But how do you narrow-down the options ...

3 days ago

AgPro Podcast: Dicamba Issue Still Looms in Arkansas

On the AgPro Podcast, voices from the industry asked, as a Certified Crop Advisor, what agronomic topics are you brushing up on this wint...

5 days ago

China Approves Enlist E3 Soybeans

Enlist E3 soybeans, jointly developed by Dow Agrosciences and MS Technologies, is finally approved for import by China.

6 days ago

FMC Bringing Two New Herbicides by 2028

In a world where resistant weeds run rampant, one chemical company is bringing relief to corn, soybean and rice farmers.

7 days ago

Soil Microbiome Profiling Promotes Better Crop Decisions

Fifteen grams of soil can profile a microbiome profile using DNA sequencing for better crop decisions.

7 days ago

Cover Crop Field Guide Goes Mobile

Farmers and scouters alike will want to check out a new app from the Midwest Cover Crops Council, with links to additional articles and m...

7 days ago