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Active ingredients

Triclopyr Triethylamine Salt




WSSA mode of action

4Action like indole acetic acid (synthetic auxins)




LocustCherry, Black/WildCeanothusBindweed, Field/EuropeanBirch, GrayMulberryRagweedBroom, ScotchPoplarHazel /HazelnutSaltcedarAlderCherry, PinChicoryGrape, WildCherryBearclover, BearmatVirginia-creeperHawthornDandelionSmartweedDock, CurlyElderberry /ElderElm, WingedOak, Red/Northern RedFir, DouglasDogwoodOak, Tan/TanbarkSumacBlackgumIvy, GroundPoison-ivyKudzuLoosestrife, PurpleMaple, RedMaple, SugarAustralian-pine/Beach She-oakElmRose, Wild/BriarSalmonberryPoison-oakOak, WhiteBlackberryPeppertree, BrazilianBeechBeggarticksPlantain, BroadleafPlantain, Buckhorn/Narrow-leavedYellow-poplar/Tulip TreeLespedezaPinePlantainBurdockMadrone/Pacific MadroneBirchSycamore, AmericanCascaraWillowSpanishneedlesPersimmonSweetgumThistle, CanadaCottonwoodAspenMapleHickory/Hickory NutCloverLambsquartersVetchWaxmyrtleArrowwoodSassafrasRagwort, TansyAshHemlock, WesternOxalisStumpsSaltbushGallberryThimbleberryMaple, StripedBirch, WhiteBirch, YellowSoda Apple, TropicalLettuce, WildWeeds, Broadleaf, AnnualConiferWeeds, PerennialAustralian-pine/She-oakFireweedBindweedChokecherryHornbeamMagnolia, Sweet Bay/Small/LaurelOakChinquapin, AlleganyRagweed, CommonViolet, wildPetunia, MexicanWedeliaSycamoreCottonwoodChinquapinSaltcedarRussian-oliveCrotonAmaranth, SpinyButtercup, HairyCatsear, Common/SpottedChicoryClover, RedClover, WhiteCocklebur, Common/HeartleafCornflowerDaisy, OxeyeHenbitSmartweedDock, CurlyGroundsel, CommonHorsenettle /Carolina Horsenettle/Apple-of-SodomHorseweed/MarestailIronweed, WesternPoison-ivyJimsonweedNightshadeKnapweed, RussianKnapweed, BlackKnapweed, DiffuseKnapweed, SpottedLettuce, Prickly/ChinaMarshelderPepperweed, VirginiaPlantain, BroadleafPlantain, Buckhorn/Narrow-leavedRagweed, WesternBurdockSorrel, Red/SheepSkeletonweed, RushSneezeweed, BitterSowthistle, Annual/CommonSowthistle, PerennialStarthistle, YellowSunflower, Common/WildThistle, CanadaThistle, BullThistle, DistaffThistle, MuskThistle, WavyleafGoldenrodWormwood, AbsinthHawkweedLambsquartersMallow /CheeseweedThistle, PlumelessVetchSalsify, MeadowRagwort, TansyCoffeeweedTeasel, CommonSoda Apple, TropicalMilkthistleLoco /LocoweedKnapweed, MeadowRagweed, CommonFalsedandelionBroomweed, AnnualPigweed, SpinyBachelor buttonDogfennelPineappleweedDandelion, CommonShepherdspurse


Nongrazed AreasPastureFencerowsChristmas Tree, Plantation and NurseryDitchbanksLakes/PondsMarshes/Marshy AreasSwampsFlood PlainsWetland AreasDeltasWater, StandingBogBuildings, Farm, AroundWildlife Openings, Establishment ofRights-of-way, PipelineRights-of-way, RailroadStorage AreasManufacturing SitesRights-of-way, Telephone/Communication LineWildlife Openings, Establishment ofMapleOakElmFir, Douglas, ReleaseFir ReleaseSpruce ReleasePine, White/Eastern White, ReleaseChristmas Trees, Plantation and NurseryPine, Red, ReleaseConifer ReleaseConifer, ForestryForest LandForest Management ProgramForest Site PreparationFencerowsIndustrial SitesRights-of-way, PipelineRights-of-way, RailroadRights-of-wayStorage AreasManufacturing SitesRights-of-way, Telephone/Communication LineUtility Power LinesRoadsideDitchbanks, Non-IrrigationTreesCrops, UnspecifiedConservation Reserve ProgramFencerowsPasture, GrassRangelandBuildings, Farm, AroundRoadsideDitchbanks, Non-Irrigation

Temperature range

Min 28°F

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls Shoes plus socks Protective eyewear Chemical-resistant gloves (≥14 mils) such as butyl rubber, natural rubber, neoprene rubber or nitrile rubber
Personal Protection
Long-sleeved shirt and long pants Shoes plus socks Protective eyewear Chemical resistant gloves (≥14 mils) such as butyl rubber, natural rubber, neoprene rubber or nitrile rubber
Restricted Entry Interval
48 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • Cut Stump Treatment Following Orchard Tree Removal (CA)
  • Wetland Sites in Production Forests & Industrial Non-Crop Areas (various states)
  • Basal Application for Suppression & Control of Woody Plants (MN, WI)
  • For control of woody plants, broadleaf weeds in forests, idustrial non-crop areas, ROW, and Christmas tree plantations (NY)
  • For Use in Forests and Industrial Non-Crop Areas, and Use in Chemical Mowing on Non-Cropland Sites (various states)
  • For Use on Wetland Sites (CA, FL)
  • For Use on Plants Grown for Commercial Production (AZ)
  • For control of salt cedar and Russian olive (AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY)
  • For control of salt cedar and Russian olive (TX)
  • Transline tank mix (various states, not for use in NY)
  • Tankmix: For the Control of Annual and Perennial Broadleaf Weeds in Rangeland and Permanent Grass Pas-Crop Areas such as Fence Rows, Non-Irrigation Ditchbanks, Roadsides and around Farm Buildings, and CRP Acres (TX)