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LifeGard WG

Certis USA LLC
SnapshotID: 64256

Active ingredients

Bacillus mycoides isolate J




Early BlightLate BlightDowny MildewDowny MildewDowny MildewBlue MoldWhite Mold, Sclerotiorum/WiltPowdery MildewScab, PecanBacterial SpeckFire BlightPowdery MildewBacterial Leaf SpotAnthracnoseAnthracnosePowdery MildewLeaf Spot, AlternariaGummy Stem BlightGray Mold/Gray Mold RotLeaf Spot, CercosporaLeaf BlightAnthracnosePowdery MildewCitrus CankerLeaf SpotWhite MoldCitrus Canker DiseaseLeaf Spot


AlmondAppleBean, Dry (All Types)Chickpea/Garbanzo BeanBean, SucculentBeet, SugarVegetables, Brassica/Cole, For SeedBroccoliBrussels SproutsCabbageCantaloupeCardoonCarrotCauliflowerCeleryCeltuceChervilCorn SaladCrabappleMelon, CrenshawCress, GardenCress, UplandCucumberDock (Sorrel)EggplantEscaroleFennel, FlorenceGourdGrapeGrapefruitKohlrabiLemonLentilLettuce, HeadLettuce, LeafLimeLoquatMelon (All Types)Melon, HoneydewMelon, MuskmelonOkraOrachOrangeParsleyPeaPearPecanPotato, For SeedPummeloPurslane, GardenPurslane, WinterQuinceRhubarbSoybeanSpinach, New ZealandSquashSwiss ChardTangerineTangeloTobacco, BurleyTobacco, DarkTobacco, For Flue-CuringTomatilloTomatoWatermelonRadicchioCelery, ChineseSpinach, VineAmaranth, LeafyTomato, ShadehouseBeet, GardenBeet, TablePepper (All Types)Chrysanthemum, Edible-leavedChrysanthemum, GarlandPotatoesFinocchioTobacco, BinderChicory, RedTangerine/MandarinDandelionEndiveArugula
Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls Waterproof gloves Shoes plus socks Protective eyewear
Personal Protection
Applicators and other handlers must wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, socks, shoes, waterproof gloves, and protective eyewear, and use a NIOSH-approved particulate respirator with any N, R, or P filter with NIOSH approval number prefix TC-84A; or a NIOSH-approved powered air purifying respirator with an HE filter with NIOSH approval number prefix TC-21C.
Restricted Entry Interval
4 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen