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Active ingredients

Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate




CankerAlternaria DiseasesAnthracnoseBlightFlower BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightBlightBlightSheath BlightBotrytis DiseasesBrown RotBacterial CankerDollar SpotEarly BlightFairy RingFlyspeckSooty Mold/Sooty BlotchFoliar DiseaseFruit Rot/Fruit Brown RotFusarium DiseasesJacket RotLeaf Spot, CercosporaLeaf SpotDowny MildewPowdery MildewGray MoldWhite MoldMummyberryBrown PatchPhytophthora DiseasesPythium DiseasesBlack RotRot, BotrytisBrown RotCrown RotFruit RotRustCedar-apple RustRust, AsparagusLeaf RustScabLeaf SmutSnow MoldBacterial SpeckBlack SpotLeaf SpotGummy Stem BlightSummer PatchStem CankerBlue MoldAngular Leaf SpotBrown Leaf SpotFire BlightBlight/Late BlightLate BlightCommon RustAlgaeBlight, WalnutPseudomonas DiseasesErwinia DiseaseBacterial Leaf SpotLeaf Spot, CherryMonilinia DiseasesCitrus CankerBacterial BlightFungal Leaf SpotSooty MoldPenicillium DiseasesBacterial WiltBacterial SpotBlight, BotrytisBlight, AlternariaCommon SmutBlightLeaf Spot, AlternariaBlossom blightYellow TuftFungiBlastLeaf SpotSour RotSpider Mite, TwospottedAlgae


AlmondAppleApricotArtichoke, GlobeAsparagusAvocadoBarleyBasilBean, Lima (All or Unspecified)Bean, SnapBean, Dry (All Types)Chickpea/Garbanzo BeanBeet, SugarBlackberry (All Types)Blueberry (All Types)Brazil NutBroccoliBrussels SproutsCabbageCarrotMelon, CasabaCashewCauliflowerCeleryCherryChicoryChiveFruit, CitrusFruit, Citrus, HybridCloverCoffeeCollardsCorn, FieldCorn, PopCorn, SweetCottonCranberryCucumberDateDillEggplantFennel/Common FennelFilbertGarlicGinsengGrapeGrapefruitGrass, Forage, Fodder, and/or HayGuavaHerbs (EPA Group)CilantroHopsHorseradishKaleKiwiKumquatLeekLemonLettuceLimeLoquatLupinMacadamia NutMangoMayhaws (All Types)Melon (All Types)Millet (Grain)MintNectarineOatOnionOnion, GreenOrangeOreganoPapayaParsnipPassionfruitPeaPeachPeanutPearPecanPistachioPlumPotato, SweetPrunePumpkinQuinceRadishRaspberryRhubarbRiceRice, WildRosemaryRutabagaRyeSageShallot/EschalotSoybeanSpices (EPA Group)SpinachSquashStrawberrySwiss ChardTangerineTobaccoTomatilloTomatoTrefoilTurnipVegetables, FruitingWalnutWheatCoconutRadicchioCorianderSorghum, Grain/Milo, StoredAlfalfa HayStarfruitVegetables, CucurbitBeet (Unspecified)Onion, Scallion (All Types)Pepper (All Types)Vegetables, LeafyPotatoesTaroYamPlants, ContainerizedTobacco, FieldPoiTobacco, Float bed systemsBedding PlantsPoinsettiaTrees, OrnamentalArtichokeEndiveLawns /TurfGolf Course, FairwaysGolf Course, GreensGolf Course, TeesTraysWork AreasCutting ToolsPotsFlatsArugulaBenches
Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls worn over long-sleeved shirt and pants, waterproof gloves and shoes plus socks.
Personal Protection
Handlers who may be exposed to the dilute through application or other tasks must wear: long-sleeved shirt and long pants, and shoes plus socks. Handlers who may be exposed to the concentrate through mixing, loading, application, or other tasks must wear: coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants, rubber gloves, chemical resistant footwear plus socks, and protective eyewear (goggles or face shield).
Restricted Entry Interval
1 hour for this product when applied via fogging or spraying to growing plants, surfaces, equipment, structures and non-porous surfaces in enclosed environments such as glasshouses and greenhouses. 0 hours for pre-plant dip, seed treatment, soil drench, mop, sponge, dip, soak, rinse or other non-spraying or non-fogging application methods when used in enclosed environments such as glasshouses and greenhouses.


Should not be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen