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Active ingredients




- Herbicide, Postemergence- Herbicide

WSSA mode of action

1Inhibition of acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase)




Temperature range

Min 32F
Max 100F

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
coveralls; waterproof gloves; shoes plus socks.
Personal Protection
Wear protective eyewear (goggles, face shield, or safety glasses). Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, protective eyewear, shoes and socks. When handlers use closed systems, enclosed cabs, or aircraft in a manner that meets the requirements listed in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agricultural pesticides [(40 CFR 170.40(d)(4-6)], the handler PPE requirements may be reduced or modified as specified in the WPS.
Restricted Entry Interval
24 hours.


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Should not be exposed to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • Tank Mix for the Management of Grass Weeds in Rice (Aerial Application Only) (AR)
  • For Control of Tillering Grass Weeds in Rice (LA)
  • Tank Mix with Command 3ME + Facet L for the Management of Grass Weeds in Rice (Aerial Application Only) (AR)
  • Tank Mix with Command 3ME + Storm on Rice for Aerial Application Only (AR)