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Active ingredients





WSSA mode of action

multi-site contact activity




Seedling BlightBuntDamping-offSoil Borne DiseasesSeed DecayCovered Kernel SmutSeedborne DiseasesSeedling BlightDamping-offSeed DecayDamping-offSeedling BlightDamping-offSeed Decay


Barley, Seed TreatmentCastorbeanBean, Lima (All or Unspecified)Bean, SnapBean, Dry (All Types)CantaloupeCarrot, Seed TreatmentChicoryCorn, FieldGrass, For SeedMillet (Grain)MustardOatOnion, Seed TreatmentPeaPumpkinRye, Seed TreatmentSoybean, Seed TreatmentSpinach, Seed TreatmentSquashSunflower, Seed TreatmentSwiss ChardWatermelonWheat, Seed TreatmentBeet, Garden, Seed TreatmentBeet, Sugar, Seed TreatmentCotton, Seed TreatmentCowpea, Seed TreatmentTriticale, Seed TreatmentEggplant, Seed TreatmentCorn, Sweet, Seed TreatmentBroccoli, Seed TreatmentBrussels Sprouts, Seed TreatmentCabbage, Seed TreatmentCauliflower, Seed TreatmentCollards, Seed TreatmentKale, Seed TreatmentKohlrabi, Seed TreatmentCanola, Seed TreatmentTurnip, Seed TreatmentLegumes, For SeedRadish, For SeedPeanut, Seed TreatmentCucumber, Seed TreatmentLettuce, Seed TreatmentCotton, For SeedRice, Seed TreatmentTomato, Seed TreatmentSafflower, Seed TreatmentSorghum, Seed TreatmentSesameFlax, Seed TreatmentPepper (All Types)BulbsCormsEndiveTubersConifer, Seed TreatmentCelery, For SeedTrees, DeciduousCoriander

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
coveralls, shoes plus socks, chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material, and protective eyewear
Personal Protection
long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes plus socks, chemical resistant gloves, chemical resistant apron when mixing, loading, participating in dip treatments, cleaning up spills, cleaning equipment, or otherwise exposed to the concentrate.
Restricted Entry Interval
24 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • For Use On Celery Seeds (For Export Only) - CA
  • For Use On Deciduous Tree Seed - MT
  • For Use On Coriander Seed (For export only and for use on coriander grown for seed) - OR