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Dibrom 8 Emulsive

SnapshotID: 53666

Active ingredients





WSSA mode of action

Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors




ArmywormBeetle, BlisterBeetle, Cucumber/Corn RootwormCutworm, CitrusFleahopperMite, Red/Spider Mite, RedScale, Brown SoftLeafperforator, CottonMoth, DiamondbackWebworm, FallSkeletonizer, GrapeleafAphid, HopCabbageworm, ImportedMealybugLeaftier, OmnivorousPicklewormPlant Bug, LygusSawflyCankerworm, FallCankerworm, SpringStink BugThripsSpider Mite, TwospottedLooper, AlfalfaAphidBagwormBollworm /Cotton BollwormBug, BoxelderOakworm, CaliforniaBeetle, Elm LeafFlea BeetleFlyFruit Fly, DrosophilaGrasshopperMoth, GypsyFly, HornFly, HouseWebworm, JuniperLeafminerLeafrollerMiteMosquitoWebworm, OakTortrix, OrangeBorer, Peach TwigPsyllidCaterpillar, RedhumpedCaterpillar, SaltmarshScale, CrawlersScale, BlackSpider MiteSpittlebugBudworm, Spruce/Eastern SpruceFly, StableCaterpillar, TentMoth, TussockWhiteflyMoth, Zimmerman PineLeafperforatorBug, LygusHusk Fly, WalnutLeafhopperLooperWeevil, PineGnatScale, BrownBeetle, NitidulidTortrixFly, DogBorer, Sierra FirBorer, Western Hemlock BarkBorer, BarkPlant Bug, LygusAphidPsyllid, Asian CitrusPlant Bug, LygusPlant Bug, LygusThrips


AlmondBean, Lima (All or Unspecified)Bean (All Types)Beet, SugarBroccoliBrussels SproutsCabbageCantaloupeCauliflowerCollardsCottonEggplantGrapeGrapefruitHopsKaleLemonMelon, MuskmelonOrangePea, DryPea, SucculentPeachRangelandSafflowerSquash, SummerStrawberrySwiss ChardTangerineWalnutMelon, For SeedCabbage, Chinese, NapaPepper (All Types)AucubaAzaleaCarnationDahliaHibiscusJuniperMarigoldStockOrnamental PlantsPear, EvergreenPrivetRoseZinniaConifersGreenhousesSwampsCattle, BeefCull PilesCattle, DairyFood Processing PlantsHogsHorsesLoading DocksResidential AreasSheepCorralsLivestock PastureRefuse AreasWoodlandsHolding AreasFeedlot FacilitiesMapleOakPineFirHemlockElmSycamoreBox ElderAshSpruceCrabappleWalnut, BlackWillowDogwoodArborvitaeFir, DouglasPlum BirchLocustQuinceMagnoliaAlfalfa, For SeedCottonGrapefruitLemonOrangeTangerineAlfalfa, For SeedAlfalfa, For SeedCarrot, For Seed

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants, Chemical-resistant gloves made out of any waterproof material Chemical resistant footwear plus socks Protective eyewear Chemical-resistant headgear (if overhead exposure)
Personal Protection
Mixers, loaders, applicators, and other handlers using engineering controls must wear: Protective eyewear (goggles, face shield, or safety glasses) Long-sleeved shirt and long pants Chemical-resistant gloves and apron when mixing or loading (barrier laminate, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, or Viton, selection category E) Socks plus shoes Mixers, loaders, applicators and other handlers using handheld equipment, participating in applications to greenhouses, or engaged in those other handler activities for which use of an engineering control is not possible, such as cleaning up a spill or leak and cleaning or repairing contaminated equipment, must wear: Protective eyewear (goggles, face shield, or safety glasses) Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants Chemical-resistant gloves Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks Chemical-resistant apron if exposed to the concentrate Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure A respirator with an organic vapor removing cartridge with a prefilter approved for pesticides (MSHA/NIOSH approval number prefix TC-23G), or a canister approved for pesticides (MSHA/NIOSH approval number prefix TC-14G), or a NIOSH-approved respirator with an organic vapor (OV) cartridge or canister with any N, R, P, or HE prefilter. N designation for respirator filters does not apply when application is made with oils.
Restricted Entry Interval
48 hours Restricted-entry interval and early-entry restrictions: Do not enter or allow worker entry into a treated greenhouse following hot-plate applications during the restricted entry interval (REI) of 24 hours.


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • Alfalfa (seed Only) CA
  • For application after cotton boll opening (CA)
  • For Use on lemons, Grapefruit, Oranges, and Tangerines (AZ and CA)
  • To Control Lygus in Seed Alfalfa (CO)
  • To Control Lygus and Thrips in Alfalfa Grown for seed and to Control Lygus in Carrot Seed (WA)