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Basamid G Soil Fumigant

SnapshotID: 57251

Active ingredients




- Soil Fumigant- Fumigant




Crown GallDamping-offEarly BlightGray MoldRoot RotRoot RotWilt, VerticilliumBlack MoldBlack MoldMold, MucorWhite MoldEyespotCorky RootRoot Disease, RhizoctoniaRoot Disease, RoselliniaBlack Root RotBlack Root RotBlack Root RotBitter RotButt RotBitter Rot, CitrusFoot RotFruit RotFruit RotHeart RotRoot RotRoot RotSoft RotStem RotWiltBlack LegMushroom PathogenMushroom PathogenMushroom PathogenSilver LeafCommon ScabCitrus MoldsClubrootBlossom BlightSoil PathogenSoil PathogenSoil PathogenSoil PathogenSoil PathogenSoil PathogenSoil PathogenWhite RotSoft Rot, SclerotiniaNematode, LanceNematode, Root-knotNematode, Golden/Potato CystNematode, Pea Cyst FormerNematode, RootNematode, Bulb/StemNematode, Sugarbeet CystEelworm, DaggerNematode, SpiralNematode, StuntEelworm, Root KnotEelworm, Stem and BulbPigweedBindweed, Field/EuropeanBlackgrassBuckwheat, WildChamomile, WildChickweed, CommonCinquefoil, RoughCornflowerCress, Hoary/White TopHenbitDock, Broadleaf/Bitter/Blunt-leavedFumitoryGalinsoga, SmallflowerGroundsel, CommonJimsonweedLambsquarters, CommonQuackgrassMustard, WildNettle, Burning/DwarfNettle, StingingNightshade, BlackOat, WildPennycress, FieldPurslane, CommonRadish, WildItchgrassShepherd's-purseSmartweed, Pale/GreenFescueLadysthumbBarnyardgrass/WatergrassBermudagrassWitchweed, AsiaticCloverDodderRocket, YellowBristlegrassHempnettle, CommonBroomrapeFoxtail, Short-awnedMarigold, DwarfMarigold, CornSpurge, SunVetch, Bird/TuftedWitchweedMedicRapeseed, VolunteerCrabgrassMeadowgrass, AnnualCleaverKnotweedCallalily, BrazilCocksfootSedges

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Personal Protection
Some materials that are chemical-resistant to this product are butyl rubber = 14 mils, nitrile rubber = 14 mils, neoprene rubber = 14 mils, natural rubber = 14 mils, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) = 14 mils, Viton = 14 mils. All handlers must wear at a minimum: coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants when in the treated application block, chemical-resistant gloves when handling the product, shoes plus socks, and protective eyewear (goggles, face shield, safety glasses). In addition, when an air-purifying respirator is required under the label's Directions for Use, Protection for Handlers, Respiratory Protection and/or Stop Work Triggers section, handlers must wear at minimum either: A NIOSH certified full facepiece air-purifying respirator equipped with an organic vapor (OV, NIOSH approval prefix TC-23C) cartridge and a particulate pre-filter (Type N, R, P, or HE, NIOSH approval number prefix TC-84A), or A gas mask with a canister approved for organic vapor (NIOSH approval number prefix TC-14G). When mixing, loading or cleaning equipment wear a chemical-resistant apron. For overhead exposure wear chemical-resistant headgear.


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen