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    Bravo Zn

    SnapshotID: 64363

    Active ingredients

    Chlorothalonil (tetrachloroisophthalonitrile)




    AnthracnoseAnthracnoseLeaf BlightPurple BlotchEarly BlightFruit RotLate BlightGray Leaf MoldGray Leaf SpotDowny MildewPowdery MildewDowny MildewAnthracnoseScabLeaf Spot, SeptoriaLeaf BlightBlight/Leaf BlightLeaf Spot, CercosporaNeck RotLeaf Spot, CherryFruit Rot/Black MoldLeaf CurlLeaf Spot, AlternariaVine Rot, BotrytisScabShotholeGummy Stem BlightGray Mold/Gray Mold RotBlack DotLeaf SpotRustLeaf BlightLeaf Spot, CercosporaRipe RotRustDowny MildewLeaf BlotchBlightVine DeclineBlack KnotLate blight fruit rotGray Leaf MoldTarget SpotBrown Rot Blossom BlightMummyberry BlightEarly BlightLate BlightVine Rot, BotrytisEarly BlightLate BlightVine Rot, BotrytisBlack Dot


    Bean, KidneyBean, Lima (All or Unspecified)Bean, NavyBean, PintoBean, RunnerBean, SnapBean, Dry (All Types)Chickpea/Garbanzo BeanBlueberry (All Types)CantaloupeCarrotCherryCowpeaCucumberGarlicLeekLupinLupin, GrainMelon, HoneydewMelon, MuskmelonOnion, Bulb/Dry BulbOnion, For SeedPea, Black-eyedPea, SouthernPumpkinShallot/EschalotSquashTomatoWatermelonVegetables, Cucurbit, HybridBean, AdzukiBean, PinkBean, LablabBean, MothBean, RiceBean, TeparyBean, UrdOnion, Green BunchingBean, YardlongCatjangBean, BroadGarlic, For SeedPotatoesJackbeanBean, MungPotatoesPotatoes

    Available for use in the following states


    Not available

    Product safety


    Early entry
    Coveralls Chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material Shoes plus socks Protective eyewear
    Personal Protection
    Long-sleeved shirt and long pants Chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material Shoes plus socks
    Restricted Entry Interval
    12 hours


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

    May be stored in a damp place

    Should not be stored in a warm place

    May be frozen

    Supplemental Labels
    • For Control of Disease on Long-Season Potatoes Grown Under Irrigation (ND)
    • For Control of Disease on Long-Season Potatoes (WI)