Toledo OKs Lake Erie Bill of Rights

Citizens of Toledo, Ohio, value Lake Erie, and in a recent special election more than 60% voted to provide extra protections for the bod...

4 days ago

Grain Bin Collapse Spills Nearly One Million Bushels

A “catastrophic” grain bin failure in La Grange, Mo.

7 days ago

Could Electricity Be A New Weed Killer?

One touch from old sparky and the current brings death by electricity. Could electricides serve farmers as the ultimate weed killer? ...

A week ago

Weatherproof for the Homestretch

Planting has come and gone and your corn is standing knee-high. At this point, it’s turned the corner and is entering the home stretch. N...

A week ago

SCN Research Yields Real-World Results with Promise of More

Lurking beneath the soil, hungry nematodes eagerly await planting season and their lunch.

A week ago

Certain Glyphosate Brands Illegal For Use On LL-GT27 & GT27 Soybeans

BASF and its licensee partners are rolling out LL-GT27 soybean trait in a variety of maturities and varieties this year across the U.S. ...

A week ago

Bayer Prepares for 2020 XtendFlex Soybean Launch

Adding to its Roundup Ready 2 Xtend platform, Bayer intends to introduce XtendFlex soybean technology in 2020, pending regulatory approv...

2 weeks ago

BASF to Launch New Fungicide Revysol

German-owned BASF is preparing to launch what it’s calling the “Apple watch” of corn and soybean fungicides—if the Apple watch were comp...

2 weeks ago
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