Harvest-Time Weeds Yield Future Trouble

If you were one of the many farmers who started harvesting earlier than usual, be prepared for aggressive weeds. Bare fields are breedin...

3 days ago

DeKalb Agricultural Association Honored With Historical Marker

In an otherwise unassuming community lies the legacy of dozens of innovators who helped changed the way farmers and livestock owners ope...

6 days ago

Diversify Genetics, Amplify Risk Management

Brent Rendel couldn’t believe what he was seeing, so he double and tripled checked to make sure.

7 days ago

Legend Seeds and Cornelius Seed Acquire Munson Hybrids

Consolidation continues in the seed industry and today marks another acquisition in the independent seed company space.

A week ago

Drying Costs Versus Stalk Loss—Which Costs More?

As fields inch toward harvest Mother Nature isn’t letting up. Downpour after downpour brought on by hurricane Gordon is leading to questi...

A week ago

Legend Seeds Now Employee Owned

As of Aug. 1, Legend seeds is an employee owned independent seed company. It was founded in 1990 by Glen and Janet Davis and had been fa...

2 weeks ago

Artificial Intelligence Takes The Guesswork Out Of Weed And Disease ID

You know that frustrating moment when you’re scouting and find a weed but for the life of you can’t figure out what it is?

2 weeks ago

Brazilian Court Grants Continued Access To Glyphosate

Farmers in Brazil were nearly dealt a lethal blow when a judge banned glyphosate

2 weeks ago
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