Glyphosate War Stirs Chemical Storm

Glyphosate is under unprecedented fire, and whether the herbicide stands or falls, the implications of an overarching legal battle are s...

Just now

Roundup Lawsuit Judge Trims $200 Million From Jury Award

Monday a California Judge reduced damages awarded in a lawsuit linking Roundup to cancer but upheld the jury’s findings that Bayer acted...

Just now

Inputs Forecast: Fertilizer Prices Increase For First Time In Years

After years of low prices, fertilizer prices are climbing.

6 hrs ago

U.S. Farmers Add 460 New Certified Organic Farms

Organic production jumped by 2% to an estimated 6.5 million harvested acres in 2018. In addition, the number of organic farms increased 3...

8 hrs ago

Bird-Repelling Corn Seed Treatment Available

A new seed treatment designed to keep birds away from freshly planted fields has received regulatory approval. Arkion life Science LLC. ...

5 days ago

Killer Robots: Weeds Won’t Know What Hit Em’

While weeds occasionally dodge herbicides—can they avoid robots? University of Illinois researchers are using a USDA grant to find out. ...

6 days ago

Learn, Regroup and Plan For A Better 2019

This year farmers across the corn- and soybean-growing states were inundated with a myriad of challenges.

A week ago

Waterhemp Discovered With Resistance To 6 MOA

It’s a thing of nightmares—a towering, aggressive weed that defies modern management by evading death by herbicide.

A week ago
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