Greenbook offers use of our plant protection decision engine free of charge to the industry. We require registration in order to learn more about our users and the products and services that they employ. This data is used to develop new product offerings and deliver the most robust experience possible. Registration for Greenbook only takes a few moments to complete.


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Thank you for having another mode of finding State Registration on chemical products

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As part of Vance Publishing Corporation, Greenbook is able to leverage vast industry and editorial experience from trusted partners including AgProfessional and Citrus & Vegetable magazines, the Doane agriculture reports, among others


Frequently Asked Questions


How does Greenbook acquire the labeling documents found on

Greenbook works directly with chemical manufacturers to provide users with the most up-to-date data and labeling documents. Greenbook also utilizes a secondary editorial process to gather and index labeling documents from companies that we do not have direct relationships with.


What is an MSDS?

MSDS is an acronym for Material Safety Data Sheet. These documents are mandated to accompany pesticide labeling. The MSDS contains important toxicological information relating to the product’s chemical composition and provides specific guidelines for product storage, preferred measures for spill cleanup, Worker Protection standards for application and handling, and Department of Transportation (DoT) data for proper shipping names and placard details.


Where can I find information on how to transport products?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) section listed under each chemical provides specific information regarding regulations and how to safely transport chemicals.


How do I know if a product is approved to be used in my state?

Each product has a state registration section. In this section there is a list of states where the product is approved for use.


What is Rate Finder?

The Rate Finder search function allows a user to determine the rate of application based upon their state, and specific use pattern. A user first selects the state where the product will be used, then selects a particular product for use, and then narrows the application by crop, pest and/or application method to determine the  suggested application rate on the product labeling for the described use pattern. Greenbook provides this information for reference purposes only and recommends you always read the product container use for specific use instructions.


What does MoA stand for?

MoA is an acronym that stands for Mode of Action. This information describes the chemical class of the plant protection product, to help users guard against creating pest tolerance to a certain class of chemistry, and also describes how the product acts upon a pest to eliminate or suppress it.


What is Sara Title III?

SARA Title III establishes requirements for Federal, State and local governments, and industry regarding emergency planning on hazardous and toxic chemicals. Information provided by Sarah Title III helps increase knowledge and allows access to information on chemicals to improve chemical safety and avoid potentially hazardous situations.


EPA Sara Title III website:


How can I find product information if I am unable to access

Greenbook delivers plant protection data in a number of ways and to a variety of end users.

For those in the field, Greenbook has created digital versions of our trusted and familiar Crop Protection Reference books, which can be downloaded to smart phones or tablets, for use on Apple, Android or Blackberry platforms. We also still offer our printed product label references for customer purchase.

Greenbook also produces plant protection software that can be downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer allowing for the same search functions found online at, but that is fully functional in an offline environment.


View all Greenbook plant protection products by visiting our online store at:


What is the Greenbook E-Saver?

The Greenbook E-Saver provides promotional codes for savings on Greenbook products. Codes can be used when ordering online or over the phone. The E-Saver is typically sent every other week via email.


What information can I find in the Greenbook E-News Update?

In the Greenbook Update readers can find new product information, keep up to date on top news stories in the industry, and be alerted on product savings opportunities.


Does Greenbook provide product labeling data to 3rd-parties?

Yes. Greenbook has partnerships with several 3rd-party precision agriculture and farm management development companies. We deliver data to these clients via a product-centric, indexed XML Web Service that can be customized based to suit a client’s market segment and specific need.


How can I alert Greenbook to products that I would like to see represented on

For product updates or to inquire about adding products to the Greenbook database, please contact:


Brittney Salas

Greenbook Marketing & Data Coordinator

T: 913-438-0673


How can I advertise with

For advertising placement on, or to discuss other business partnership opportunities contact: 


Philip Donahoo

Business Development Manager

T: 919-488-4073


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