Tri-Brom 80

Group 8B Insecticide


Label - English


MSDS/SDS - English


When performing tasks with NO potential for contact with liquid fumigant, all handlers (including applicators) must:  Wear long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes and socks.  Not wear jewelry, goggles, tight clothing, chemical-resistant gloves, rubber protective clothing, or rubber boots when handling. Methyl bromide can be trapped inside clothing and cause skin injury. Handlers with no potential for contact with liquid fumigant (e.g. shovelers) may wear cotton, leather, or other porous, non-chemical-resistant gloves. If such gloves are exposed to liquid fumigant, they must immediately be removed and discarded. When performing tasks with potential for contact with liquid fumigant, all handlers (including applicators) must wear:  Long-sleeved shirt and long pants,  Chemical-resistant gloves,  Chemical-resistant apron,  Protective eyewear (Do NOT wear goggles), and  Chemical-resistant footwear with socks. In addition, when an air-purifying respirator is required under this label's Directions for Use, Protection for Handlers, Respiratory Protection and/or Stop Work Triggers section, handlers (including applicators) must wear a:  NIOSH-certified full-facepiece air-purifying respirator with cartridges certified by the manufacturer for protection from exposure to methyl bromide at concentrations up to 5 ppm (e.g., a 3M air-purifying respirator equipped with 3M Model 60928 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/P100 cartridges). IMPORTANT: A self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is not permitted for routine handler tasks.

 5 days (120 hours) after the application is complete for untarped applications, or  5 days (120 hours) after the application is complete if tarps are not perforated and removed for at least 14 days after the application is complete, or  48 hours after tarp perforation is complete if tarps will be perforated within 14 days after the application is complete and will not be removed for at least 14 days after the application is complete, or  tarp removal is completed if tarps are both perforated and removed less than 14 days after application is complete.  If early tarp removal occurs for a broadcast application the entry restricted period is a minimum of 5 days after the application is complete.

Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area under lock and key. Post as a pesticide storage area.


Not Restricted
State Updated Restriction Status
Alabama 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Arkansas 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Florida 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Georgia 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Iowa 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Illinois 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Indiana 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Kentucky 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Louisiana 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Massachusetts 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Maryland 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Michigan 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Missouri 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Mississippi 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
North Carolina 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
North Dakota 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
New Jersey 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
New York 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Oklahoma 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Oregon 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Pennsylvania 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
South Carolina 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Tennessee 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Texas 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Virginia 01/09/2018 Not Restricted
Alaska 01/09/2018 Restricted
Arizona 01/09/2018 Restricted
California 01/09/2018 Restricted
Colorado 01/09/2018 Restricted
Connecticut 01/09/2018 Restricted
Delaware 01/09/2018 Restricted
Hawaii 01/09/2018 Restricted
Idaho 01/09/2018 Restricted
Kansas 01/09/2018 Restricted
Maine 01/09/2018 Restricted
Minnesota 01/09/2018 Restricted
Montana 01/09/2018 Restricted
Nebraska 01/09/2018 Restricted
New Hampshire 01/09/2018 Restricted
New Mexico 01/09/2018 Restricted
Nevada 01/09/2018 Restricted
Ohio 01/09/2018 Restricted
Rhode Island 01/09/2018 Restricted
South Dakota 01/09/2018 Restricted
Utah 01/09/2018 Restricted
Vermont 01/09/2018 Restricted
Washington 01/09/2018 Restricted
Wisconsin 01/09/2018 Restricted
West Virginia 01/09/2018 Restricted
Wyoming 01/09/2018 Restricted


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