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    ECHO Propiconazole EC Co-Pack

    Sipcam Agro USA, Inc.
    SnapshotID: 42795

    Active ingredients





    WSSA mode of action

    multi-site contact activity




    WSSA mode of action

    C14-demethylation in sterol biosynthesis




    Brown BlightDollar SpotDollar SpotLeaf SpotMelting OutPowdery MildewYellow PatchPink PatchSummer/Poa PatchRed ThreadLeaf SpotGray Leaf SpotBrown PatchGray Leaf SpotMelting OutLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotMelting OutMelting OutBrown BlightBrown BlightBrown BlightBrown BlightBrown PatchMelting OutBrown PatchRustAnthracnoseDollar Spot


    Golf Course, FairwaysGolf Course, GreensGolf Course, TeesLawns /TurfSod Farms
    Product safety


    Early entry
    Coveralls Chemical-resistant gloves, such as barrier laminate or viton Shoes plus socks Protective eyewear Special Eye Irritation Provisions: The Echo 720 component of this co-pack product is a severe eye irritant. Although the REI for the co-pack product expires after 24 hours, for the next 6 days entry is permitted only when the following safety measures are provided: At least one container designed specifically for flushing eyes must be available in operating condition at the WPS-required decontamination site intended for workers entering the treated area. Workers must be informed, in a manner they can understand: that residues in the treated area may be highly irritating to their eyes; that they should take precautions, such as refraining from rubbing their eyes, to keep the residues out of their eyes; that if they do get residues in their eyes, they should immediately flush their eyes using the eyeflush container that is located at the decontamination site or using other readily available clean water; and how to operate the eyeflush container.
    Personal Protection
    Long-sleeved shirt and long pants Chemical-resistant gloves, such as barrier laminate or viton Shoes plus socks Protective eyewear A NIOSH approved respirator with an organic vapor (OV) cartridge or canister with any N, R, P, or HE prefilter. When handlers use closed systems, enclosed cabs, or aircraft in a manner that meets the requirements listed in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agricultural pesticides [40 CFR 160.240(d)(4-6)], the handler PPE requirements may be reduced or modified as specified in the WPS.
    Restricted Entry Interval
    24 hours.


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Should not be exposed to flame or sparks

    May be stored in a damp place

    Should not be stored in a warm place

    May be frozen