Greenbook For Manufacturers

Greenbook is a searchable database of more then, 10,000 product labels. Manufacturers can utilize Greenbook to make their labels easily accessible and to promote their brand messages directly to growers, retailers and business alike
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Paid Inclusion Program

Labels are kept up to date within 1-2 business days-guaranteed

You'll also be able to promote your labels on the first three page of every search result with Enhanced Listing

Manufacturers Page

Your brand will have a detailed manufacturers page, including:
  • Contact Information
  • Logo and banner ads of your choice
  • A list of all your labels
  • Deep analytics

Targeted Banner ads

Greenbook targeted ads by geographic and demographics. We display ads based on user search inputs.

Native Ads

Generate more traffic with the audience that count, by integrating with greenbook content.

Custom Newsletters

Deliver a tailored brand message straight to your inbox of registered Greenbook users.

Greenbook Newsletters

Attach your brand to the services industry professionals rely on through our eNewsletter offerings.
Greenbook has the tools to drive traffic to your brand.
Targeted ads on AgWeb and social media.
Search engine optimization and promotional content.
Weekly newsletters sent straight to AgWeb members inboxes.