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Active ingredients

Triphenyltin Hydroxide




Leaf BlotchEarly BlightLeaf Spot, CercosporaLiver SpotPowdery MildewScabDowny Leaf Spot/Downy SpotBrown Leaf SpotLate BlightSooty MoldBeetle, Colorado Potato


Beet, SugarPecanPotatoes

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Not available

Product safety


Early entry
coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical resistant gloves made of any waterproof material, such as butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, or neoprene rubber, shoes and socks, protective eyewear and chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure
Personal Protection
Handlers exposed to the concentrate or diluted product must wear: Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants, Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks, Chemical-resistant gloves, such as butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, or neoprene rubber, Protective eyewear, Chemical-resistant apron for mixing and loading or equipment maintenance, Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure, Dust/mist filtering respirator (MSHA/NIOSH approval TC-21C), or a NIOSH approved respirator with any N, R, P or HE filter. Handlers, mixers, loaders, applicators and flaggers using engineering controls must wear: Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, Shoes plus socks, Chemical-resistant apron, Chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material, such as butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, or neoprene rubber, during mixing and loading. Handlers for which use of an engineering control is not possible, such as cleaning up a spill or leak and cleaning or repairing contaminated equipment must wear: Coveralls over long sleeve shirt and long pants. Chemical resistant gloves, made of any waterproof material. Chemical resistant footwear plus socks. Goggles or face shield. Chemical resistant apron. Chemical resistant headgear if overhead exposure. Non-powered air-purifying respirator equipped with an N, R, or P filter.
Restricted Entry Interval
48 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • For Control of Cercospora Leaf Spot on Sugar Beets (MN)