General Information

For use as a fertilizer in foliar, fertigation and soil applications to supplement boron levels on agricultural crops.

Directions for Use (Use only as Directed):

- Avoid foliar application in poor drying conditions such as very high humidity, heavy dew set or continually rainy weather.

- Do not foliar apply when ambient temperatures are expected to exceed 85°F before application completely dries on


- SprayBor does not require any additional surfactants.

- Aerial application – minimum of 5 gallons of water/acre; Dilute sprays – minimum of 30 gallons of water/acre.

- Dissolve a maximum of 1 lb in 3 gallons of water.

- Exercise caution when applying to any crop during bloom, as many factors can affect fruit set and final fruit quality.

- SprayBor is compatible with most agricultural chemicals and nutrients. Should be applied in conjunction with tissue

and/or soil analysis.

- Consult a NutriAg representative for application timing and necessity of its use.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Crops vary in their sensitivity to boron. Application rates vary according to specific crop requirements, management objectives, soil nutrient availability and/or environmental conditions. Lower rates are recommended for general crop maintenance or when applying multiple times per season; higher rates are recommended when applying a minimum number of applications to crops that require repeat applications, or where more severe deficiency is present. Higher volumes of water should be used for higher rates of fertilizer. For application timing charts, please consult a product manual. Consult your NutriAg representative for specific crop recommendations.

The number and frequency of applications determine application rates.

Apply no more than 3 lbs/acre/ application.

Apply no more than 6 lbs/season.

Always apply toward the end of an irrigation cycle.