General Information


Soil-Max is a Bio-technical Soil Conditioner designed for all Agricultural Soils.

Soil-Max is a soil activator designed as a soil conditioner, water penetrant, and biostimulant package chelated in part with glucosamine, a powerful chelating agent. When applied to the soil, Soil-Max promotes water/nutrient penetration and uptake. Water holding capacity and air movement into and out of the soil improve due to increased soil flocculation. Soil- Max breaks the surface tension between water and soil and promotes higher soil microbial populations.

Soil-Max is a proprietary formulation and blend of plant extracts, surfactants, natural polysaccharides, carboxyl/phenolic acids, glucosamine, and EDTA.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply Soil-Max at 1 to 3 gallons per acre per year, from pre-plant to post-harvest. Earlier applications allow more penetration and soil activity. Multiple gallon applications should be split by 2-4 weeks.

Ground Application

Soil-Max can be sprayed onto the soil surface alone, or in combination with some fertilizers. It will remain on the soil surface for up to two weeks, but incorporation by cultivation or water will result in faster soil building activity.