General Information

General Information

BRANDT STERIC P is a liquid plant food especially formulated to
promote uptake for correction of phosphate deficiencies. It quickly
boosts plant growth during critical or high growth periods and can
help reduce stress due to weather. This product is recommended
for use on, but not limited to, vegetable and row crops, deciduous
fruit and nut trees, citrus, avocados, vine and berry crops,
ornamentals, turf, pasture and range grasses.

Mixing and Handling Instructions

Compatibility: This product may be applied separately or in
conjunction with most other fertilizers. It is compatible with
most acid based fertilizers and other plant nutrients. However, a
compatibility test is recommended if the desired combination has
not been previously used.
DO NOT mix with ammonium thiosulfate, potassium thiosulfate or
other high pH or high free-ammonia products. When mixing this
product with UAN 32, it is suggested to use up to one gallon of
water per one gallon of UAN 32 to insure complete and thorough
mixing. This product is a low pH material and should only be applied
with suitable equipment.

Application Method: This product is most effective when applied
through an irrigation system or banded. Soil applications can be
incorporated in liquid fertilizer or applied separately. Accurate and
properly calibrated injection equipment and an irrigation system
that is operated at maximum distribution uniformity will help avoid
plant injury and/or product ineffectiveness. For best results, with
the exception of center pivot and lateral systems, apply this product
toward the end of the irrigation set. Allow sufficient time for the
product to be flushed completely out of the irrigation system prior
to turning off the irrigation water.

Mixing: Add this product to a partially filled tank and slowly add
the remaining water while maintaining constant agitation. Always
add this product to the spray tank before adding other agricultural
chemicals. To avoid potential phytotoxicity, test a small amount of
solution on the intended target area to ensure plant compatibility
prior to the planned application.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

In the absence of a soil or leaf analysis to determine phosphate
deficiency, apply the following rates:
Moderate Deficiency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-15 gallons/acre

After initial application, monitor petiole phosphate levels and apply again as needed.