General Information



Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift.

Only protected handlers may be in the area during application.

Do not enter or allow others to enter the treated area until dusts have settled.

Do not use in or near a greenhouse.


This product is formulated on special heat treated attaclay granules that resist rapid decomposition in water, sink quickly to lake or pond bottoms and release the weed killing chemical into the critical root zone area.

This product is designed to selectively control the weeds listed on the label. While certain other weed may be suppressed, control may be incomplete. Reduced control may occur in lakes where water replacement comes from bottom springs.


For best results, spread this product in the spring and early summer, during the time weeds start to grow. If desired, this timing can be checked by sampling the lake bottom in areas heavily infested with weeds the year before.

If treatments are delayed until weeds form a dense mat or reach the surface, two treatments may be necessary. Make the second treatment when weeds show signs of recovery. Treatments made after September may be less effective depending upon water temperature and weed growth. Occasionally, a second application will be necessary if heavy regrowth occurs or weeds reinfest from untreated areas.


FOR LARGE AREAS: Use a fertilizer spreader or mechanical seeder such as the Gerber or Gandy or other equipment capable of uniformly applying this product. Before spreading any chemical, calibrate your method of application to be sure of spreading the proper amount. When using boats and power equipment, you must determine the proper combination of (1) boat speed, (2) rate of delivery from the spreader, and (3) width of swath covered by the granules.

FOR SMALL AREAS (Around Docks or Isolated Patches of Weeds): Use a portable spreader such as the Cyclone seeder or other equipment capable of uniformly applying this product. Estimate or measure out the area you want to treat. Weigh out the amount of material needed and spread this uniformly over the area. More uniform coverage is obtained by dividing the required amount in two and covering the area twice, applying the second half at right angles to the fi rst. Use the following formula to calibrate your spreader’s delivery in pounds of this product per minute.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Maximum of 10.8 lbs 2,4-D ae or 56.8 lbs of this product per acre-foot per application.

Limited to 2 applications per season.

Apply to aquatic weeds in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, marshes, bayous, drainage ditches, non-irrigation canals, rivers, and streams that are quiescent or slow moving.

Do not apply within 21 days of previous application.

When treating moving bodies of water, applications must be made while traveling upstream to prevent concentration of 2,4-D downstream from the application.

Coordination and approval of local and state authorities may be required, either by letter of agreement or issuance of special permits for such use.


For Coontails: Repeat treatments may be needed.

(See table in the label for more specific concentration of product in Pounds / acre-foot.)

- Refer in the label for Water Use for Submersed Weeds information.