General Information


PyroFos 1.5 ULV is recommended for application either as a thermal fog or as an ultra low volume (ULV) nonthermal aerosol (cold fog) to control adult mosquitoes in outdoor residential and recreational areas and other non-cropland areas where these insects are a problem. For best results treat when mosquitoes are most active and weather conditions are conducive to keeping the spray cloud close to the ground. An inversion of air temperatures and a light breeze are preferable. Application in calm air conditions is to be avoided. Apply only when ground wind speed is greater than 1 mph. Air temperatures should be greater than 50° F when conducting applications.

Do not treat a site with more than 0.01 pounds of chlorpyrifos per acre in a twenty-four hour period. Do not exceed 0.26 pounds of chlorpyrifos per acre per year. More frequent applications may be made to prevent or control a threat to public and/or animal health determined by a state, tribal, or local health or vector control agency on the basis of documented evidence of disease causing agents in vector mosquitoes or the occurrence of mosquito-borne disease in animal or human populations, or if specifically approved by the state or tribe during a natural disaster recovery effort.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


PyroFos 1.5 ULV may be applied undiluted at rates up to 0.87 fluid ounces PyroFos 1.5 ULV per acre (0.01 pounds of chlorpyrifos per acre) by fixed wing or rotary aircraft equipped with suitable ULV application equipment. Aerial application shall be made altitudes ranging from 75 to 300 feet.

IN FLORIDA: Not for aerial application in Florida unless specifically authorized by the Bureau of Entomology, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.