General Information


Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite is a concentrated nutrient solution containing certain elements, including calcium, in highly soluble forms which are beneficial to plant growth, flowering, crop development, crop quality, yield, fruit set, rooting, root development and transplant establishment when applied as a properly timed foliar or soil application. Follow manufacture’s recommended directions for use. Applications of Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite should be part of a fertility program based upon soil and tissue testing data and is intended for use as a supplemental fertilizer treatment.

Foliar Application - Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite may be applied by air or with all types of ground spraying equipment.

For aerial application, apply 1 to 4 pints per acre in a minimum of 6 ¼ to 25 gallons of water per acre.

Do not exceed a maximum product concentration of 2% volume/volume.

For ground application, apply 1 to 4 pints per acre. Do not exceed a maximum product concentration of 2% volume/volume. For the following product rates, do not use less than the corresponding gallons of water per acre: 1 pint/acre = 6 ¼ gallons of water/acre; 2 pints/acre = 12 ½ gallons of water/acre; 3 pints/acre =18 ¾ gallons of water/acre; 4 pints/acre = 25 gallons of water/acre.


Soil Application – Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite may be applied to the soil by all types of soil spraying/injection equipment and through certain types of irrigation systems. Refer to the IRRIGATION SYSTEM APPLICATION section. Apply 1 to 4 pints per acre. (See APPLICATION PRECAUTIONS section)

Compatibility - Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite is compatible with most commonly used foliar pesticides, chemically neutral fertilizers and micronutrients. It is not recommended to use this product with surfactants or adjuvants that lower pH. USER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY to ensure compatibility when tank mixing with other products. (See APPLICATION PRECAUTIONS section)


Applications of Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite to the soil can be made through certain irrigation systems including, but not limited to, low volume systems (e.g. micro sprinklers, drippers, drip tape and fanjets) and typical sprinkler systems (e.g. solid set, pull and hand move). The specific injection equipment and irrigation system must conform to all federal, state and local regulations pertaining to the fertilization of plants through an irrigation system. Accurate and properly calibrated injection equipment and an irrigation system that is operated at maximum distribution uniformity will help avoid plant injury and/or product ineffectiveness. For best results, apply Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite toward the end of the irrigation set and allow sufficient time for the product to be flushed completely out of the entire irrigation system prior to turning off the irrigation water.


If the tank mix containing Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite is below a pH of 7, do not tank mix with fungicidal copper products or apply the spray solution to plants that have been or will be treated with a fungicidal copper spray within 10 days of the planned Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite application.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


TOMATOES, PEPPERS, LETTUCE, SPINACH, LEAFY VEGETABLES, AND OTHER BRASSICA VARIETIES - Apply 1 to 4 pints per acre (+/- 1 to 4 liters/hectare) per application. Apply the first application after transplanting, thinning or at second true leaf stage. Apply one to two subsequent applications at ten to fifteen day intervals or as needed to supplement nutritional requirements.