General Information


Do not apply this product using aircraft or through any type of irrigation system. Not for use in or around residential areas.

This product is for commercial, nonfood use only. Tame 2.4 EC Spray is intended for the control of the indicated insects and mites on indoor ornamental plantings in greenhouses, lath and shade houses, interiorscapes, and other ornamental plants, and on outdoor ornamental and nursery plantings in commercial nurseries and other landscaped areas.


Apply specified dosage in sufficient water for complete coverage. Spray all foliage including underside of leaves. Repeat as needed to maintain control, but no more often than every seven (7) days. Under severe pest pressure, use the higher recommended rates and/or shorter spray intervals. Do not use less than a seven-day retreatment interval. Tame may be tank mixed and/or alternated with many commonly used insecticides, miticides and fungicides. See recommendations for rotating sprays for Sweet potato/Silverleaf Whitefly control. Certain strains of whiteflies may be more susceptible to a Tame plus Orthene tank mix.


For use in resistance management programs and to aid in preventing resistance, insecticides from other classes of chemistry such as organophosphorus esters, N-methyl-carbamates, or insect growth regulators should be included with or alternated with a Tame spray program. Tame is a pyrethroid, and other pyrethroid products are not considered alternate chemistry. Consult your state or area agricultural extension service for local resistance management strategies and advice on alternate insecticides.

Note: Since ornamental varieties are numerous, constantly changing, and may react differently to Tame, test the product on a small scale before making large-scale applications. High gallonage applications to certain chrysanthemum varieties may result in crop injury. Do not apply to chrysanthemums and roses with open flowers. Application of the Tame plus Orthene tank mix on poinsettias after bract formation may result in phytotoxicity on certain varieties.


Tame mixes readily with water. When tank mixing with Orthene Turf, Tree & Ornamental Spray, first mix the recommended amount of Orthene Turf, Tree & Ornamental Spray in the appropriate amount of water, then add the Tame last. Agitate well. All applicable directions, restrictions and precautions on the Orthene EPA registered label are to be followed.

Do not exceed 0.37 fl oz formulation per 1000 sq ft per application (equivalent to 16 fl oz per acre application) in greenhouse, shade and lath house treatments.

Do not apply under conditions involving possible drift to food, forage or other plantings that might be damaged or the crops thereof rendered unfit for sale, use or consumption.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply beginning after petal fall or as needed. Do not apply within 6 months of fruit set that yields fruit which could be used for food or feed.

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours