General Information


Agri-Mek 0.15 EC is an emulsifiable concentrate that will control certain pests on the crops listed on the label when the product is applied according to the Directions for Use.

Thorough coverage of foliage is essential for good mite and insect control.


- Phytotoxicity: Agri-Mek 0.15 EC has been tested for phytotoxicity and has a wide margin of safety on a variety of crops. Agri-Mek 0.15 EC has also been shown to be compatible with many commonly used pesticides, crop oils, and nutritional sprays.

However, since it is not possible to test a large number of possible mixtures, the user should pre-test any proposed mixtures with Agri-Mek 0.15 EC to ensure the physical compatibility and lack of phytotoxic effects.

- New York State Restriction: Do not apply Agri-Mek 0.15 EC with aircraft in New York State.

Resistance Management

Agri-Mek 0.15 EC is a Group 6 insecticide (contains the active ingredient abamectin).

Because of the inherent risks of pests developing resistance to any product, it is strongly advised that Agri-Mek 0.15 EC be used in a sound resistance management program.

Treatment may not be effective against labeled pests if insect or mite tolerant strains develop. When applying Agri-Mek 0.15 EC to plants that are hosts of labeled pests with multiple generations per crop per year, use resistance management practices.

Resistance management practices may include, but are not limited to:

- rotating Agri-Mek 0.15 EC with other products with different modes of action,

- avoiding treatment of successive generations with the Agri-Mek 0.15 EC,

- using labeled rates at the specified spray intervals,

- using non-chemical alternatives such as beneficial arthropods,

- rotating susceptible to non-susceptible plants, and

- using various cultural practices.

For additional information regarding the implementation of these or other resistance management practices, consult your local agricultural advisor or company representative.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Mix with water as indicated below. Apply with ground application equipment as a foliar spray and insure thorough coverage on upper and lower leaf surfaces. Adjust spray volume and nozzle placement to insure maximum coverage of tops and undersides of leaves.


Strawberry spider mite Twospotted spider mite 16.0 - Make 2 applications 7-10 days apart when mites first appear. Repeat this application sequence, if needed, to maintain control.

(See Use Restrictions.)

- Note: Agri-Mek 0.15 EC may be used without a wetting agent. When necessary to improve the wetting of foliage and to smooth out spray deposits, a nonionic surfactant is recommended.

Use Restrictions – Strawberries

- Application Method: Ground application only. Do not apply with aircraft.

- Prohibited Use: For resistance management purposes, do not use in strawberry nurseries.

- Amount of Water: Do not apply in less than 50 gals. of water/A with conventional ground application equipment. When using electro-static sprayers do not apply in less than 10 gallons of water/A.

- Maximum Amount per Application: Do not apply more than 16 fl. oz./A (or 0.019 lb. ai./A) of Agri-Mek 0.15 EC or any other foliarly applied abamectin containing product per application.

- Application Interval: Wait at least 21 days after the second application before repeating application.

- Maximum Amount per Season: Do not apply more than 64 fl. oz./A (or 0.075 lb. ai./A) of Agri-Mek 0.15 EC or any other foliarly applied abamectin containing product in a growing season.

Pre-Harvest Interval

3 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours