General Information


NOTICE: This concentrate cannot be diluted in water. Mix well before using. Avoid storing excess formulation in spray equipment tank beyond the period needed for application.

In treatment of corrals, feed lots, swine lots, and zoos, cover any exposed drinking water, drinking water fountains and animal feed before application.

Before making the first application in a season, it is advisable to consult with the state or tribal agency with primary responsibility for pesticide regulation to determine if permits or other regulatory requirements exist.

Do not exceed 25 applications at 0.007 pounds of resmethrin per acre (not to exceed a total of 0.18 pounds of resmethrin per acre) in any given season.

More frequent treatments may be made to prevent or control a threat to public and/or animal health determined by the state, tribal or local health or vector control agency on the basis of documented evidence of disease causing agents in vector mosquitoes or the occurrence of mosquito-borne disease in animal or human populations, or if specifically approved by the state or tribe during a natural disaster recovery effort.


Scourge is designed for application as an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) aerosol to control adult mosquitoes and flies in residential, industrial, urban, recreational areas, and other areas where the labeled pests are a problem.

Scourge provides effective control of adult mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, biting and non-biting midges, stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, sheep flies, horn flies, yellow flies and nuisance flying insects such as house flies in areas such as but not limited to industrial areas, urban areas, parks, campsites, woodlands, athletic fields, golf courses, playgrounds, recreational and overgrown waste areas, roadsides, and other public areas where adult mosquitoes and flies occur. Apply when ground wind speed is equal or greater than 1 mph.

Scourge can be applied as undiluted or diluted with refined soybean oil, light mineral oil of 54 second viscosity or other suitable solvent or diluent.


All types of applications should be conducted at temperatures of 50°F. Apply when ground wind speeds are equal to or greater than 1 mph.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Vehicle-Mounted ULV Cold Aerosol Generators or Vehicle-Mounted Non- Thermal Aerosol (Cold Fog): Apply through non-thermal ULV application equipment and base acreage calculations on the equipment manufacturer’s recommended swath width. Apply at a rate not to exceed 0.007 pounds of resmethrin per acre in any given 24 hour period. An optimum swath is created when Scourge is applied from a truck that is being driven perpendicular to the wind direction. Direct the spray head of equipment to ensure even distribution of the spray cloud throughout the area. For best results, apply when insects are most active and meteorological conditions are conducive to keeping the spray cloud in the air column close to the ground. An inversion of air temperatures and a light breeze is preferable.

Scourge may be applied through ULV Cold Aerosol Generators, or other equipment designed for non-thermal ULV aerosol applications. The desired application rate may be obtained under different conditions by altering the dilution rate of Scourge, the flow rate of the insecticide from the application equipment and the vehicle speed. Examples are given in the Table (see label).