General Information

Use Restrictions

- Rape greens grown and harvested from Axcess-treated seed must not be used for human and feed consumption. Rapeseed grown and harvested from Axcess treated seed is only for industrial uses and cannot be used for edible oil or any other human/feed consumption.

- Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Triticale, Sorghum, Millet. DO NOT graze or feed livestock on treated areas for 45 days after planting.

- Cotton (delinted seed only). Regardless of the type of application (seed treatment, soil or foliar) DO NOT apply more than a total of 0.5 lb. of imidacloprid per acre per cropping cycle.

Application Instructions

Stored Seed Protection

Applied at labeled rates equal to or above 0.8 fl. oz. per hundredweight, Axcess will provide protection to seed against injury from the following insects: Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella), Rice Weevil (Sitophilus oryzea), Red Flour Beetle (Tribiolium castaneum), and Lesser Grain Borer (Rhizopertha dominica). It is recommended that seed with existing populations of stored grain pests be fumigated prior to treating and bagging seed.

For Early Season Protection Against Certain Sucking Insects

Axcess will aid in the protection of seeds and seedlings against injury by certain early season insects.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Sugar Beets

To provide early season protection of seedlings against injury by Whitefly, Aphids, Leafhoppers (including to reduce potential for spread of Curly top and Yellow mosaic virus due to aphid and leafhopper vectors), Root aphid, Thrips and Wireworms, apply as a commercial seed treatment at 2.4 to 5.0 fluid ounces of Axcess in or on a unit of pelleted sugar beet seed with a weight ratio of 2:1 pelleting mixture to raw seed (seed count 100,000 seed - approximately 1 kilogram by weight). Apply in a film coat directly to raw seed (100,000 seed or approximately 1 kilogram by weight) at a rate of 2.4 fluid ounces per unit of seed. If rates exceed 2.4 fluid ounces per unit, seed must be pelleted.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours

Exception: If the seed is treated with the product and the treated seed is soil-injected or soilincorporated, the Worker Protection Standard, under certain circumstances, allows workers to enter the treated area if there will be no contact with anything that has been treated.